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When we think about school exam management software, one of the things that comes to our minds is, how flexible, robust and scaliable the system will be both to manage online and offline exams and how it present the reports to suit the institution's needs.

One of the first factors that you should take into consideration when you are trying to buy school exam management software for your institution is if it would be able to provide you a class-wise exam set up or not. With the best systems in this domain, you would be able to set up exams on the basis of the classes in your institution. 


One of the first reasons as to why you should use school ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems on a compulsory basis is to make sure that there is no communication gap between the school and the parents. It is common knowledge that when the communication is healthy it has a positive effect on the relationship as well. With school ERPs, it is actually possible for you to have that kind of communication with the parents and that too on a regular basis. Normally, it has been seen that parent-teacher meetings organized once in a while never serve the purpose that they are supposed to.


Read: Important Notifications you need in your School Management Softwareyou need in your School Management Software 


Smart work and smart organization is the demand of this smart world. Yes, those days are gone when the class teacher use to perform every responsibility and take attendance in the registers, The most difficult task was to prepare the time table of the classes. Now time has changed and the world has become smarter as well as advanced. The simple formula to make the schools advanced is to introduce the school management software in your management system as it makes the working simpler as well as advanced.


In this blog, we explained how School Management System software makes the working simpler for the school and we will tell you, how it is beneficial for individuals: Teacher, Student & Parent

Thursday, 01 November 2018 22:21

Spreadsheet Versus School ERP Systems


In this blog, we will compare Spreadsheet Versus School ERP Systems – Which One Wins?Gauging the efficacy of spreadsheets and school ERP systems.


Why do we need spreadsheets or School ERP systems?

Educational institutions like schools and colleges run on efficiency and consistency. Having an organized set up is key to ensure their successful running on a day to day basis. 


In this blog, we explained how your school management software/ system can make School ID Card Designing process easier with School Software Pro.

With the new ID Card Generator, schools / institutions can create templates for student and employee ID cards as required. Design one side or both, add background images, 


Your School Software Pro now have more new features:

Certificate Generator, ID Card Generator, Fee Accounts, Fee Receipt Templates and Receipt Sets, Subjects Center, Skill-based evaluation, Attendance in Reports and Guardian Photo.

Benefits of old student to join Alumni Association and schools to create a good platform for this to drive in Nigeria can not be over emphasize. It is high time Nigerian school administrator both in private and public schools should seriously look into this for their own benefits and their students benefits also.

Call it Barewa Old Boys Association alumni or King's College Old Boys Association alumni all in Nigeria that has been one of the financial pillar to the school, it was not a co-incident. It was a calculated effort. The interesting thing about this is, the work is mostly done alumnus and not school administrators.

A functional Alumni Association benefits both Alma Mater and the Alumnus.

In Nigeria, a large number of schools have not benefited from their alumni association. Reason could be that they don't know the benefits or they don't know how to go about it. In this blog, we explain the benefits to schools and to the alumni members. 

Records has shown that alumni association is a big asset to schools and members of the association. The benefits are enormous, but we will mention few that we can in this write-up.

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