Academic Assignment Management System on Mobile App

Teachers and parents have sort to a student assignment management system that they will use to give or manage academic assignment in this mobile era. With our new update on your school software mobile app, school homework can be easily be manage on your finger tip.

Among other academic activities you can do with your School Software Pro Mobile App, we have added Tasks/ Assignment Management to your Mobile App.

Technology has become an inevitable part of our life. In this mobile era, where the number of mobile users is greater than the number of desktop users, the necessity of mobile apps in educational institutions has become crucial to manage their day to day functioning efficiently. Among the key activities that occurs often in schooling is teachers given their students/ pupils Assignment.

Initially, School Software Pro Mobile App included the features like online payment, attendance tracking, instant communication, and more. But over time, with increasing demand in features, we are introducing Assignment management system in your Mobile App.

For students’ academic progress, an assignment is one of the major curriculum activities, as it lets the teacher understand how well a student is performing in their classroom and also increases the learning capabilities of students.

With the Assignment Management system feature in your school Mobile App, teachers can create online assignments in an extremely convenient way. Efficiently teachers can distribute the tasks or homework to students of their assigned class. Additionally necessary digital documents, resources, study material, and much more can be shared with students for a reference purpose. At a click of a button, students and teachers can keep a track of deadlines and monitor their academic progress on completion of these assignments.

Assignment Management System on Your Mobile Apps

Login as a Teacher:

1 – After logging as an employee, in School Software Pro Mobile Demo App. From the dashboard teachers can access “Assignment module” just in a tab.

School Assignment Management


2- Next, click the assignment tab, teachers can view assignments based on subject wise or create new assignments by clicking on the big plus round button.

School Teachers given Assignment via Mobile App

3- While creating new assignments, teachers can add titles, various type questions, attach images/pdf/docs, mention due date and share it with selected students.

adding academic Assignment

4- Lastly, in a single view, teachers can check the “responses” and at the same time accept or reject the answers. Along with this, they can track who all attended the assignment via “all attendees” tab.

school assignment via all attendees

Login as a Student:

1 – After logging as a student, in the School Software Pro Mobile Demo App. From the dashboard teachers can access “Assignment module” just in a tab.

2- Next, click the assignment tab, students can check the status of their submitted assignments.

Student Assignment Management

3- In case the assignment got “rejected” then students can edit the answer and submit it again. Similarly any assignment is “pending” they can attend it at their convenience.

online school academic Assignment Management

4- Lastly, parents can also check their child assignment folder and help them with completing their work on time.

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