Powerful Features of SCHOOL SOFTWARE PRO that Makes it the Best Choice for your School

What makes 400+ schools in four countries in Africa love and stick to School Software Pro are so amazing. Definitely, it is the interesting features and plugins that give its users a smooth and enriched experience of managing their institution effortlessly is the secret. Today, in this article, we will highlight some of the features that makes School Software Pro to stand out of all!

Data Palette
School Software Pro offers an exciting new feature called the Data Palette which when enabled will help you get the new dashboard. The dashlets available on the dashboard are manageable and they get updated in real time. It gives update of activities going on in your school app in the real time. Information in the dashlets can be navigated according to a desired date (past or future).

Group of School Feature

If you have six (6) different schools with different names and locations, you don’t need to buy six app with six super admin to manage the schools. With the group of schools plugin in School Software Pro, school owners will use one School Software License to manage many schools with different names in different locations. School managers in Nigeria and Africa like Missionaries, private institutions and individuals who have more than one school are happy with this.



Alumni Software/
The Alumni plugin is designed to help connect current students and employees of your institution with alumni by organizing events to help build relationships and networking opportunities. Alumni will  receive their invitations through email. They can then choose to accept or decline the invitations. When organizing events, you can assign any of the current employees or students as coordinators and organizers for the event.

Custom Import With Bulk Edit Feature

Another new feature by School Software Pro is the Custom Import bulk editing that allows you to edit custom imports in bulk. For example, if you need to change the blood group for all the new admissions for a particular batch which you have already saved, you can do it effortlessly with the Custom Import Bulk editing, unlike the earlier version that required you to do so on an one by one data basis.

App Frame Plugin

The App Frame plugin by School Software Pro is of great use, particularly when you want to show any third party application (using School Software Pro API authentication) to the logged-in user without opening the URL separately in a tab. The plugin lets you do the same in your school’s School Software Pro account itself.

API Integration

The API system for School Software Pro offers multiple methods of integrating and extending functionality. API is here to assist you in managing teachers and students effectively, enhance their productivity and develop seamless integration with other software. School Software Pro API or Application Programming Interface comes with an SSO or Single Sign On for better security.

Data Export Plugin

Worried about exporting data from School Software Pro and storing them in your system for further use? School Software Pro’s data export plugin would facilitate in exporting data. You can store in data in CSV or XML format by exporting them from School Software Pro and keep them in store for future usage.


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Consolidated Reports of School via the Report Center

You can avail a CSV file for all possible reports, thus letting you get access to a whole lot of data. So, whether its a detail of all the students or the batches and courses that you have in your institution, you can have a report of it in the CSV or Excel format anytime.

Sign in with your Google Account

School Software Pro’s Google app integration lets you use your Google account to login to your School Software Pro account. All your worries of forgetting your School Software Pro login details now has a smart solution. Use your Gmail account to login and use your School Software Pro account.

Registration plugin with Payment Gateway Integration
Applicants to your institution can now pay their fee instantly for registration without coming to the institution physically to do so. The online registration plugin of School Software Pro is now equipped with payment gateway that lets a student pay online for registration to the institution.

The Barcode Integration

Now you have a smarter way to keep a track of all the library books using the barcode integration. Any new book added or a book being allocated to anyone in the institution can be kept in a record with the barcode integration. A time saving feature that can save you from spending hours noting down all book entries.

Custom report

The interesting custom report plugin by School Software Pro can help you to create report card of students or employees on the basis of particular information. For example, you can create a report of students who belong to the blood group B+ along with their first names, date of birth and gender. Just select the respective info based on which you want the report.

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