School Human Resources Management System

In schools and educational institutes, the human resource management software/ system is one of the most critical functions.  This is the reason that when selecting a perfect school ERP software, it is important to consider software that offers a combination of automated processes that connect human resource management and information technology in a seamless manner. Your all-in-one Online School Management Software is a best tool for you.

When we said School Software Pro is All-in-One School Software in Nigeria, there are 1001 reasons and one of the reasons is the robust Human Resources Management System in School Software Pro.

Let’s briefly look at what HUMAN RESOURCES feature in School Software Pro can do for you.

Note one thing before you continue, the HUMAN RESOURCES feature is design to solve institutions Human Resources (HR) process planning and execution for Small or Big schools and to meet the needs for tomorrow technologies.


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Your Human Resources Software will do more

The institution can manage their employees completely starting from their admission to leaves management, payroll assignment , payslips generation, etc.

  • Quick and customisable admission form to upload the employee details in one go
  • Bulk employee import option allows uploading details of employees in fractions of seconds
  • Payroll setup can be done for variations of earnings and deductions. Instant amount changes in payroll is supported
  • Payroll can be collectively assigned to employees sharing similar pay structure and frequency
  • HR Admin or the employee with privileges can generate payslips based on payment frequency
  • Separate privileges can be assigned for approval/rejection/ regeneration of payslip for employees
  • Configure payslip report settings
  • Loss of Pay integration with automatic deduction calculation in employees’ payslip


Managing or calculating employee payrolls, loss of pays and leaves may not be an easy task to admins and management in an institution.

Payslips Management

Payroll Groups: This feature allow institutions to configure different salary structures for different types of employees.

School Software Pro Payslips system gives institutions / schools the option to create multiple type of payslips. In an institute, different categories of employees can be working on an hourly basis, on a weekly or monthly basis. The School Software Pro Payslips system takes care of it.

Leave Management

The Leave Feature gives schools the flexibility of defining the number of working days in a month or in a week or bi-weekly.

Employees can apply for additional leave even after exhausting their leave credits which may lead to Loss of Pay in some institution.

Loss of Pay: The Loss of Pay formula given to a Payroll Group is used to calculate the Loss of Pay when additional leaves are taken by an employee.

Let’s consider a simple salary structure. The Basic Salary is 10,000 and Tax is 20% of Basic Salary. If the total working days are 20 and the employee having no leave takes 2 LOP days. The LOP can be configured in two ways now:

As a direct deduction
LOP is 1000
Basic Salary = 10,000
Tax = 2000
Loss of Pay = 1000
Net Salary = 7000

Additionally, payroll can be collectively assigned to employees sharing similar pay structure and frequency, thus making the monthly task of payroll calculation easier and faster.

For those worried about the security of an online system, the Human Resource manager can be given special security privileges to generate pay slips based on payment frequency. Thus, ensuring the security of the information and the employee data.

Also, the payslip report settings can be configured in a way that allows for separate privileges to be assigned for the approval, rejection, regeneration of pay slip for employees. The settings can also be configured to integrate the loss of pay calculation in employees’ pay slip.

Thus, the use of a school ERP software for payroll management can help the Human Resource staff of a school function in an effective and efficient manner


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Benefits of a Human Resource Management Software

When selecting a School ERP software, it is essential to ensure that the School ERP has every feature you will ever need to run your institution efficiently.

1. Employee Attendance Management

One of the foremost advantages of using a human resource management system is the automatic management of attendance for the employees. This information can be captured with the assistance of a biometric device that the staff can use with minimum assistance. The system creates automatic reports that can be tallied easily at the end of the month for easy attendance calculation.

Additionally, the school employees can easily apply for a leave on the school ERP software for payroll management. The leave applications can be easily approved by the manager when needed. The system also allows for easy leave calculations at the end of every leave cycle. By automating the process, not only does it save employee time, but it makes employee attendance and leave management a lot easier and faster.

2. Employee data management

The human resource function in an educational institute includes the collation of a lot of employee-related data such as financial information, health, addresses for communication, qualifications and salary details among other things. The school ERP software for payroll management ensures that all these documents – many of which can also be highly confidential can be stored in the software in a safe and secure manner. All that the employees need to do is upload the quick and customizable employee admission form in one go. The software also allows for bulk employee import option so that all the details of the employees can be uploaded on the software in a few quick moments.

Additionally, using a school management software for payroll management ensures that this information can be updated, accessed with the easy click of a mouse.

3. Easy personnel grievance management

Another benefit of using a school ERP software for HR management is that it becomes easy to update any personal queries, complaints, and grievances on the software through private messages and emails to the administration staff. These queries or messages can be addressed in a confidential manner and helps assure the staff and the teams that there is support available to them when wanted.

One of the key aims of a human resource management system is to provide complete information and support to the administration as well as the employees for any queries or updates. Thus, supporting them and enabling them to function in a seamless and more effective manner

4. Simple Payroll management

When registering with a human resource management system like School Software Pro, one of the advantages is a simple payroll management system where the educational institute can manage the payroll system with ease.

Routine functions such as attendance calculation, leave management, payroll assignment, pay slips generation can easily be taken care of by the school ERP software for payroll management.

The payroll setup can be done for variations of earnings, deductions and various deductibles. The system also supports instant amount changes in payroll when needed. Thus, instead of spending productive hours calculating and correcting the pay slips, the administrative staff can simply outsource the same to the school ERP software for payroll management.