Schools Result Reports Management Software in Nigeria

Students Result Reports Management is one of the key tasks in every school/ institution of any class. It is one of the school data that goes outside the four walls school and as a result, it should be manage very well.

In a school that several section like Nursery, Primary and Secondary may have different Student’s Report Card/ Gradebook for each section, with School Software Pro, you will customize each school’s section report card/ sheet they way you want it.

School Software Pro will help you generate several Exam Result Reports in many form and pattern you would want it in your schools at a go.

No limit in generating your student’s report in any type of result report to your school in Nigeria.

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Some of the Exam Report Headings You can find in School Software Pro

i. Exam-wise Report (Generates exam-wise reports)
ii. Subject-wise Report (Generates subject-wise reports)
iii. Grouped exam reports (Group exams for specific reports)
iv. Archived Student Reports (Generates Grouped Exam reports for archived students)
v. Student Ranking per Subject (Generates reports for subject-wise student ranks)
vi. Student Ranking per Batch (Generates reports for batch-wise student ranks)
vii. Student Ranking per Class (Generates reports for class-wise student ranks)
viii. Student Ranking per School (Generates reports for overall student ranks for this school)

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