Student Online Result Management App Requirements

In this post we will be looking at online result management app requirement, what result management app is, the importance to schools, parents and students, and features of online result management.

Online student information system, aids in managing, storing, and tracking the information such as admission number, attendance records, performance tracking, and much more. Hassle free administrator, educator, and parents can access the relevant information and monitor the performance of a student’s schooling and make data-driven decisions to improve their growth.

What is Student Online Result System?

Student online Result Management System is a web-based application that mainly focuses on providing the results to the student. The student checks their respective results using
their logging details.

The student accessing their results through the school site is more convenient and the school can easily analyze the pass and failure of a particular subject.

Requirement of Student Result Management App

The school details, student information and many others.

Performance analysis
Admission number
Student position/ranking (optional)
Student passport
Overall Grade
Total Score
Overall Grade
Overall Percentage
Batch Ranking
Batch Average
Batch Highest
Batch Lowest
Teachers remark
School Batch/ Arm
School logo
Subjects taken
Effective Domain
Institution seal
Principal signature
Head Teachers signature

Importance of Student Online Management System

Faster Results

This is the most important of an online student result management system. Generally, the traditional paper-based result management system takes time, as the teachers need to collate the results, manually calculate, input it into the system and wait until the reports are them printed.

This system can take up weeks, during which times the students have forgotten the context and the content of the exam questions.

However, with an online system, the test results are calculated automatically and then results are ready to view or email within minutes.

Error Free Results

For many teachers, the examination period also is a time of stress and anxiety. This is because of the tiresome process of manually collecting the results, marking them, converting the marks into grades, and keeping them safe until the day the parents (or students) get to see them.

One of the biggest downsides of the traditional form of result management, it that this entire system is prone to human errors and miscalculations. While handling the manual exam papers, there is also a high chance of losing them, or damaging them due to unforeseen environmental situations.

However, the online result management system, eliminates all these problems. The automatic calculation and storage of the exam, results reduces the burden on the educators and saves the results from any human errors or damages.

It Motivates Students and Gives Them an Accurate Indication of Their Academic Performance.

The immediate results not only help to reduce the stress of the students, waiting for their results. When they do receive their marks and scores, the faster results also help the students, to realize their errors, work on relearning their concepts, and seek improvement before their next text.

The online system is able to generate an analytical report of the student’s performance. This report can give the teachers and the parents an accurate understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the child, their academic interests, and the topics on which they might need additional tutoring.

Bias-Free Checking Of Marks

The lack of human intervention in the online result management system, ensures that the student results are free from personal biases and prejudices. Most often, these biases can creep in unknowingly, but they affect the marks and the morale of the student.

On the other hand, the online result management system is free from any such biases towards any student.


The online Student Result Management App Requirement, is a management system that can help schools, teachers and student to understand, and easily access result, the student accessing their results through the school site, is more convenient and the school can easily analyze, the pass and failure of a particular subject, Parent as well can understand the content of the result.


Mrs Tony Macdonald