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What’s new in School Software Pro

Here is the list of new features included with this release of School Software Pro.

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Thursday, 04 April 2019 08:46

What’s new in School Software Pro?

We are pleased to present our latest version School Software Pro. With each release, we have worked on introducing new and enhanced features to provide you with better user experience. With this release, we are bringing essential features you asked us- Custom Report Card in Gradebook, Remarks, Transport revamp and few enhancements in the existing features like Timetable, subject center, Gallery, Master fees, etc

In this write-up, we gave 5 Good Reasons Why Nigerian Schools (Primary, Secondary, Colleges, Polytechnics and University) should Invest in School Management Software as it Will Make Your School Future Ready.

Why efficiently leveraging school management software is vital for school success

In this blog, we explained what Online Assignment Management System is, the benefits to schools, students, teachers and 5 key features an Online Assignment Management System should have.

Navigating school life can feel like fighting one minuscule batter after another. This is the case for everyone. For students, it’s coping with academic pressures and social agony of growing up. For educators, it’s trying to balance managing hormonal children for eight hours a day while also imparting constructive advice on methods of lifelong learning. For non-education staff or administrators, it is to ensure that the latter two don’t have their institution fall down around their ears while accomplishing their goals. 

Friday, 22 March 2019 05:11

We Putting Your School Needs First

Going to college is a big moment in any student’s life. Often, this is the first foray into adulthood for most of them. For most students, it is that there are no uniforms, or that you are (hopefully) concentrating on the subjects you want to actually study, or that it feels like it is the beginning of the rest of your life. For outstation students, however, there is the added layer of dealing with a completely new experience in a completely new space.

Wednesday, 27 February 2019 13:04

Why competition is necessary in student’s life?

One of the biggest truths of the animal kingdom is the adage that says – Survival of the fittest. This essentially means a competition for life in the animal kingdom where the strongest animal, the fastest animal survives.

What is a multi-school ERP System or Group of School Management Software?


School ERP systems that can be used across multiple school branches or outposts are called multi-school ERP systems. These multi-school ERP systems ensure that multiple branches of a single school work efficiently and uniformly, no matter how far flung these branches are compared to each other. Group of School Management Software systems are built for schools with multiple branches who are seeking to recreate a similar, cohesive experience for all students across branches of their school. Multi-school ERP systems also help systemise some processes and rules across branches to ensure that students have a uniform learning experience across branches. The quality of education a school imparts is thus managed well across branches when a Group of School Management Software is in place.

Call it School ERP or School Management System or School Software or School Administration Software, they are almost the same.

School Management Software have become an integral part of education industry for the past couple of years. As schools realized the possibilities of management software, the demand for software vendors also increased in Nigeria and in the world.

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Group or Multi School Software

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