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School Software Pro

All you need to manage your school from admission to graduation and even Alumni. Save your money in buying other software to manage school or group of schools.

School Software Pro is All-in-One school management software for Primary, Secondary, Colleges, Polytechnics and University with 53+ useful features to Teach, Learn, Examine and Manage Employees, Students, Parents and Administrators.


Giving and submission of academic assignment is now made easy even during school holidays. Upload and download notes / assignments for the teachers. With School software Pro, teacher can download the assignment submitted and can give the comments on the same.

Online Examination

Online Examination feature in School software Pro helps you to replace or some of manually exam test Capabilities range from rich text, random question selection from multiple question pools to detailed reporting on test performance.

Human Resources

School software Pro HR take care of your employee’s management from admission to exit, manage entire payroll efficiently with efficient leave management system. It helps to facilitates management of staff payslip system and many more.

Exam Report

Our Exam Report gives your School options to generate comprehensive Exam Result you would ever want to create. From Generates exam-wise reports, Subject-wise Report, Grouped exam reports, Student Ranking per Subject, per Batch, per Course/ Class, per School etc

Online Registration

School software Pro Online Registration help schools to Allot admission to prospective students, Disregard the application, Display the Class details with the application fee (optional), Send admission information through SMS to the prospective student and many more


School software Pro have best examination management system from online exams to class room exam management. Create different types of exams based on grades, marks etc School software Pro gives you extensive Report centre to generate any kind of report with statistical or Graphical view and many more


Your school library management is made easy with School software Pro. Browse through library books catalogue and identify the book(s) to be issued, Manage library books, View/Edit/Delete/Add books, Manage book returns, Manage book issue, Issued/Renewed book status, Manage books renew and many more


With School software Pro, your institutions internal and external messaging system is well taken care off. School software Pro gives effective communication between administration, teachers, students and parents and many more.


School software Pro Blog feature first advantage is that it encourages participation from students. Often times in a classroom, some students might not feel comfortable giving their opinions in class, so this is a great way for students to still participate and discuss without having to feel embarrassed. Students can create blog, view other blogs, search for specific blog using search facility, comment and rate blogs, ban abusive blog posts, comments and many more


This feature help you to keep academic excise going even outside four walls of school. It helps to collaborate with students and other users via text, audio and/or video at anytime, Invite and create group / session as required, Record the session for future use, Sound files can be shared for later use, Whiteboard facility available, Group chat facility available, Questions can be asked during collaboration via raising hand facility

Event Creation

Event Creation is another good communication tool for school managers in School software Pro. You create any type of event with full descriptions and title of facility. School software Pro event creation made it easy to mark if the event is a holiday and mark event common to all using the check box available.


School software Pro will give you stress free school accounting system in your institution. With online payment options and other manual processes. School software Pro gives you comprehensive Fee classification with headings with comprehensive easy analysis of fee defaulters and fee structure, easy fee collection process with receipt issuance. School software Pro manage the entire expense and incomes, manage donation, Asset and Liabilities and many more.

Manage Users

School software Pro gives you all the privilege to control the entire system. In fact, you are in charge. Easy search for any user using the search bar, view profile of all users based on the roles/ privileges allocated to you. Set privileges to users as per their roles and many more.


School software Pro inventory system manage and create store categories, store types, stores, Store Item, supplier types, suppliers, Indents and manage Purchase Order and GRN

Event Creation

Event Creation is another good communication tool for school managers in School software Pro. You create any type of event with full descriptions and title of facility. School software Pro event creation made it easy to mark if the event is a holiday and mark event common to all using the check box available.


Easy attendance taking, note/Remarks for attendance can be given, generate different types of attendance report, and many more.


School software Pro helps you to manage your transport system with ease. Add/Edit/Delete the routes for vehicles, add destination and cost details, add/edit/delete vehicle details, get Transport details, transport Fee facility available and many more

Instant Fee

With School software Pro, staff with finance privilege will define fee category and particulars in each fee category and Collect fee from guest users


Discipline feature in School software Pro helps you to register a new complaint, view all the registered complaints, give comments and clarifications on the complaint, final decision taken by the jury and Jury can convict or acquit the accused

Admin, Staff, Student & Parent Dashboard

Administrators, Employees, Students and Guardians have their unique dashboard to carry out all their activities. Parents with more than one child have access to all his children data with one login detail. With School software Pro, you have your school data at a go from anywhere in the world.


With School software Pro, discussions can be done even outside school, View/Delete comments / recent activities, View all posts, Create groups, Create discussion, Comment on discussions


School software Pro Gallery feature could be so exciting both for employees, students and alumnus. You create new Gallery category, upload photos, view/delete photos and many more


School software Pro manage the entire process in school Hostels/ Dormitories, allocate rooms to the students, collect hostel fee, change rooms for students/ staff and many more.

Manage News

News management in the entire institution is made very easy with School software Pro. Create/edit/delete news, search for any news, add News using rich text format and published news allow comments (optional).


This module displays Events, Examinations, Holidays and Dues in the calendar. It has color separator for each action in calendar categorised It also display all information about the items on hovering over the color spots in the calendar, View monthly calendar of all items, easy navigation of calendar monthly and many more.

Payslips Management

It gives schools the option to create multiple type of payslips. In an institute, different categories of employees can be working on an hourly basis, on a weekly or monthly basis.


The advantage of this feature is that, it helps you keep a track of your employees or teachers; who all are doing extra classes and who all missed their scheduled classes.

Leave Management

It gives schools the flexibility of defining the number of working days in a month or in a week or bi-weekly. Employees can apply for additional leave even after exhausting their leave credits which may lead to Loss of Pay.

Election or Poll

In this module, you create, edit, delete, close polls in your school Students can vote and be voted for. It allows title and description facility available for polls, multiple answer facility available and many more


School software Pro SMS system is one with none. Send SMS to a particular class, to a selected student / staff, to a particular department, to all students/ parents.

Printer Support

Printing receipts are now supports the use of Laser, Inkjet, Dot matrix, and Thermal printers (POS paper size), along with the ability to set the page size – A4, A5 Portrait, or A5 Landscape.

Fee Mobile Payment

Parents and Students can now conveniently check their fee details, pay fees, and download the fee receipts—all from their mobile phones.

Registration with Online Payment Plugin

In this module, you create, edit, delete, close polls in your school Students can vote and be voted for. It allows title and description facility available for polls, multiple answer facility available and many more

Language Switcher

It allows each of the users to choose their own specific language. Users can switch to the language of their choice from their profile at the top-right menu.

Alumni Plugin

The Alumni plugin is designed to help connect current students and employees of your institution with alumni by organizing events to help build relationships and networking opportunities.

Group of School Plugin

If you have six (6) different schools with different names and locations, you don’t need to buy six app with six super admin to manage the schools. One SSP will do it all.

Loss of Pay

The Loss of Pay feature designed to calculate the Loss of Pay when additional leaves are taken by an employee in your school.

Google Account Sign Up

Users of School Software Pro can now sign in with their Google Account. All your worries of forgetting login details now has a smart solution.

Email Alert Plugin

With this, you don’t have to login to SS Pro every time to check notifications; you will be getting alerts on your mail. The best part about this plugin is that emails can be send automatically as well as manually.

Transfer Certificates

Students can now apply and schools and admins will generate TCs with ease. This reduces the time taken to generate TCs for students passing out or leaving the school.

School ID Card Generator

Enhance data security, mitigate typo errors, control design, production process and cost-effective.

Designing an ID card for students, staff members, and visitors like a pro with minimal time and effort can only be achieved with School Software Pro ID card generator module.

Doc Manager Plugins

Manage documents in one place, which can be downloaded by the users

Documents or folders can be shared to targeted users to distribute the planned classroom activities or lecture plan

User-specific docs can be created to add documents for a student/employee.

Audit Plugins

Monitor and track the user activities in different departments like finance activities, managing user accounts and scheduling or deleting activities related to the core data

Track fees to specific student profiles as well as teacher profiles.

Admin can clearly track all activities each user performs when it comes to fee transactions collect information on scheduling fee collection, collecting fees, and reverting the fee collected is listed in logs.

Form Builder Plugins

Create forms, share it with users and re-use it for different recipients

Use the form to collect feedback from students about classroom teaching

Head of departments can analyze the feedback to improve the performance of their staff

Admin can access the consolidated report on each of the feedback options along with all the categories under which the option is rated in the form.

Reminder Plugins

Send alerts to the users about any upcoming institutional event via SMS or email

Admin can set a reminder as many times about any type of upcoming activities in your school/institution

Most powerful use of the reminder module is in scheduling fee collections in your institute

Reminders can be set as many times as needed with multiple options available in the settings

Automatic Timetable Generator Plugins

In a single click, generate thousands of timetable and save a tremendous amount of time.

Set the placement & preference for the subjects in the timetable

The generated timetable incorporates the scenarios that schools commonly face like where the subjects should get placed and avoiding teacher allocation clashes

It solves the problematic manual process of adjusting subject overlaps, and teacher subject limits came next, and this continues to be the most tedious task

Alumni Plugins

Keep the records of all pass out students with the vital pieces of information

Manage your alumni records by growing the network of professional contacts

Communicate with the alumni via SMS or email and engage them for career guidance and training activities for mutual knowledge exchanges

Payment Gateway Integration Plugins

Fully functional payment gateway to enable your institution to accept online payment through credit cards

Enable payment option for Student Academic fees, Applicant registration, Hostel and Transport Fees

Students and parents can check their fee details, pay fees online, and print the fee receipts–from their mobile phones

Integrate with Paypal & Authorize.net

Email Integration Plugins

Automatic emails can be setup for a particular set of recipients on specific events such as exam results, a new student admitted, fees pending, and more.

Send email to employees or students or guardians

Customize the email setting to communicate with parents, students, and employees efficiently.