Result Management System

Result Management

Fully Customize Your School Result Sheet As You Would Want It.

The School Software Pro Students Result/ Gradebook feature is customizable to suit your school needs as it is designed to meet higher institutions and K12 schools Result sheet standards.

Below are a few Report Card/ Sheet Samples/ styles

Report Card
Report Sheet/ Card or Student Performance Report
How Would You Want To Manage Your School Student’s Results? Get It All With Your Student Result Management Software

As we stated, School Software Pro start with you from when student was given admission, manage everything about the student(s) records including all the results for all the subjects/ courses/ classes till graduation stage and generate student transcript.

No matter the type of your school (Primary, Secondary, Group of Schools, Polytechnic or University) School Software Pro, a school result management software /system helps you to manage your students result.

Students have access to all their published results, no matter the level/ class or year

No Scratch Card, No Limitation to your Employees and Students. Just login and do what you want to do any time you want to do it at any play you want to do it.

You have all the freedom to have the result the way you would want it.

See Student Result Report Center

Some of Reports Your Student Result Management System Generate