Call it school fee management software or School Accounting Software or Fee management system for schools, they are all the same. School Software Pro manages every financial activities of any school.

Do you collect tuition fee per course or term/ semester? It all manage fees for you and issue receipt electronically or paper receipt size of your choice. POS paper size, A3, A4 paper sizes, etc.

In this short blog, I am going to show you the easiest way school administrators manage fee(s) in their school with School Software Pro. School Software Pro fee management module is good for efficiency and quick management decision process.


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It is not strange to say Schools are unique in nature in its running. But there are common activities that goes on in managing FEES in most schools regardless of the type of school.

 Most of them are fee(s) creation, assign fee(s) to students/ pupils, collect the fees and have a comprehensive and detail records of the fees collected, part payment details, fee defaulters and every other Income and Expenditure Accounts.

Students /Pupil Fee management in schools could be difficult some time. This is because there are various fees in a school that could apply to some students and will not apply to others.

Also, some fees are so dynamic in natures that comes up once in a while in a school and may not be applicable to all students or pupils.

School Software Pro understand these and many more difficulties school administrators face in fees management.

We have resolve these and many other financial challenges in school administrations and fee management.


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Create all types and kinds of fees in your school, you have the option/ privilege to assign any number of fee(s) to a student. E.g Student “A” pays Tuition (International Student N100,000), Security, Sports, Hostel etc. Student “B” pays Tuition (Nigerian Student N60,000), Transport, Sports, Books, Suits etc

See Fig.1

You also have option of given a Discount(s) and Fine(s) to a particular fee or all the fees to a student at any time.

School Fees management at your fingertips.

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