Types of Fees Collection in School Software Pro

“Go paperless” in your institution with School Fees Collection Management Systems in School Software Pro


Without the funds, an institution cannot run which makes it that much important to keep focused resources while collecting fees and funds. In traditional environments, a separate set of people with matching skills are put in every crucial place, handling fee was no different. Staff specializing in finance was hired to handle these jobs increasing not only the cost to the institution but also created more management problems. With the margin of error being negligible, the tasks become that much daunting, creating panic on both creditor’s and payees’ end.


To eliminate this problem, School Software Pro brings in a solution which is not only easily learnt but also quite basic. Reducing the possibility of error with a flawless robust platform, School Software Pro also reduces the carbon footprint while keeping the trail of the transactions.


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Things to Note:

Only administrators and privileged employees can manage the fee.

To start with any collection of fees, first, there is a need to create a structure composing of a fee category under which different fee types/particulars, can be grouped.

Then create the particulars (students are required to pay after admission). [ Note: Only to be edited before scheduling a fee collection].

Create fee collection under the scheduled fee collection dates. For example, to accumulate fees for students till 12th standard, fee can be collected quarterly, while for graduation students it may be per-term/semester.


Various ways in which fee collection can be assembled in School Software Pro:

Student Wise:

Submission of the fee by searching for individual students. It is the most used collection method used by our clients. Few steps to be followed while executing student wise fees collection:


Search the student according to their admission number and batch.

Then select the fee collection

Finally, select the payment mode and give the reference number.


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Batch wise:

Fees collection on a batch filter.

Steps to follow while assembling the batch-wise fee collection:


First, select the batch and fee collection.

Post that, select the payment mode and fill the reference number to pay the fees.


Particular wise:

Gather the fee according to the particulars.


Steps to follow while creating the particular-wise fee collection:

Search a student by name or admission number.

Then, set the fee collection.

Lastly, select the payment mode and submit the reference number to pay the fees.

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In conclusion, School Software Pro was developed to fit school accounting structure both big and small institutions. It’s Accounting Management Systems takes care of school’s income and expenses, impress, balance sheet etc.

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