How to Manage Educational Institution in Africa with School Software Pro ERP

It is no more a news that we have come to live with doing most business management and learning online and no going back from this. As Educational Institution in Nigeria, Africa and the world at large have come to know that managing business online/ learning and teaching online is not only easier, affordable and convenience but it is more efficient and helps to get best resources.

Education ERP Software or School Management Systems/ Software products help educational institution owners and leadership teams in managing their institutions directly from the comfort of their homes especially in these distant learning eras. This is possible through the remote management functionalities built by default into the architecture of ERP software by providing 24/7 login access to all users from anywhere with an internet connection.


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The presence of Online School Management Systems/ Software or ERP software in schools and colleges ensured that the academic operations, as well as the administrative operations of the institution like fee collections, e-Learning, staff meetings, Online meeting/ conferencing were conducted perfectly even while the campus was kept closed. This achievement is the result of the digital transformation trends adopted by schools and colleges following the footsteps of other industries.

It may interest you to know that School Software Pro is a All-in-One top Online School Management Systems/ Software or ERP software in Africa that has the following segments.
Students Information Management System (SIMS)
e-Learning Platform
School Management Systems/ Software.

All you need to manage your educational institution from students/ employee’s admission to graduation and even to alumni, School Software Pro is the best for you. It is educational ERP software to manage primary, secondary, colleges, polytechnics and universities.

Remote Management of Institutions with ERP Solution

Remote management is a popular phrase in technology which means to control or operate a computer from a remote location using the internet. In this case, the day to day operations of the institution are managed remotely with the help of an school ERP software product. This is achieved through the privileged login access to management and teachers according to their assigned role in the daily operations of the institution. The distributed availability of the ERP software from the cloud servers makes it possible for the institutions to operate without depending on the infrastructure available at the real campus location.

In earlier times, the School Management Systems/ Software or ERP software tools were implemented within the servers located at the campus of the institution. This carried its advantages but would have been a challenge in the case of the distance learning or managing your school at the comfort of your house. On-campus implementation of school ERP demands the presence of skilled technicians every day on the campus and is also dependent on many local factors for its smooth running like uninterrupted availability of internet and electricity.

With the availability of online School Management System (cloud-based ERP software) tools for schools and colleges, these challenges are no more a real threat as the software can be accessed from anywhere anytime without worrying about the uptime and load of these servers at the campus. Cloud technology has also helped in decreasing the cost of multiple folds when compared to traditional on-campus hosting methods.

How useful School Software Pro Education ERP is in remote management of schools/ colleges.

School Software Pro Education ERP is built with all functionalities to enable smooth operation of educational institutions from distributed locations. It provides separate login access to principal, administrators, teachers, students, parents and management with different privileges. The privileges assigned to each user can be customized and finetune and new user types with different privileged combinations can be custom created. Once the implementation is done, the different user types can be created and can start giving training to different users. Once the users are onboarded and achieve minimum proficiency in operating and accessing the information from the online School Management Software (education ERP), then the institution is ready to be operated without depending on the infrastructure at the physical campus.

Another important functionality of School Software Pro to help with remote management of the institution is the group of schools/ multischool functionality. School Software Pro can manage not one but many institutions under the same group of institutions. The ability to manage a group of institutions from a single platform makes School Software Pro the most preferred educational ERP software product in the market.

The multischool functionality provides a super admin dashboard where updates from all individual institutions can be viewed in a consolidated way. Each of the individual institutions is not a simple copy of others in the way the institutions are operated. Each institution can be configured according to its unique nature by enabling or disabling plugins, payment gateways, etc.


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The easy to use feature-packed Modules of School Software Pro helps you Manage the Institution from Home like a Pro

We have already seen how the multischool functionality of School Software Pro helps in managing the educational institutions from home by automating the various manual tasks involved in the direct management of the institutions.

Let us have a look at some of the key modules in School Software Pro that is helping users across the globe in managing their institutions even while the campus is closed:

Online Admission

  • Starting from enquiries all steps in the process of admission are now possible to do online with the help of online enquiry and online admission module in School Software Pro.
  • The enquiry can happen via the contact us form on the website or phone call to admin in charge of admission or marketing.
  • The selected applicants can apply through the online applicant registration module which is also fully online for applicants to fillup the form and submit their application for the course they are interested in.
  • It is also possible to collect applicant registration fees completely as an online payment.
  • Once the applicants are shortlisted, the admission process also can be coordinate between different privileged users from the comfort of their homes.

Online Examination

  • The online examination module of School Management System (education ERP) provides a way to conduct secure and safe examinations for multiple students at the same time.
  • This module allows everyone involved in the examination to collaborate and participate in their own homes.
  • The questions will be created and uploaded days or hours before the examinations and the questions will be accessible to students only during the prescribed timeslots.
  • The examination can be multiple choice or descriptive. The multiple-choice examinations can be configured to show results instantly.
  • There are many more features available in this module like editing, evaluation, publishing, etc.

Online Payments/ Fees

  • Fee payments, collections, and management were the most challenging scenarios in running an educational institution some years ago.
  • With the availability of digital networks everywhere and educational ERPs, parents are paying fees from their mobile phones while sitting in their home and the receipts are generated instantly.
  • All consolidations and reports are available to management and administration staff also instantly to help with their operational planning.
  • Any refunds or unsuccessful payments are escalated to the payment gateway automatically and the solution is achieved in a couple of days.
  • Fee collections are planned and parents are aware of the upcoming fee payment dates through their mobile phones in the form of alerts and notifications.
  • All these advancements made managing an institution from home easier than before.

Online Attendance

  • Even though it was always possible to take attendance directly from the mobile phone of the teachers conducting the class, now it is very easy to take and mark attendance as all students are participating in the class in the form of online classrooms.
  • The attendance module available in School Software Pro allows daily or subject-wise attendance according to the type of institution.
  • In schools, it is usually daily attendance and in higher-ed it is usually subject wise attendance.
  • All attendance details are available in the form of reports to parents as well as senior management.
  • The alert on any absent student will be immediately sent to parents in the form of SMS or mobile app notifications.
  • The attendance reports required to be connected with grade books are also automatically fetched by the respective plugins.


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Online Messaging

  • The internal messaging module available in School Software Pro can be used for every communication between teachers and parents.
  • Students can also participate in the messaging group if proper privileges are provided.
  • The online messaging tool works as an instant communication medium between parents and teachers and avoids the requirement of parent-teachers meetings during these times.
  • The required parent’s teacher meetings can be conducted fully online as all reports regarding students’ progress is accessible directly by the parent, anytime anywhere even before contacting teachers.

Online Classrooms

  • Various video conferencing tools are integrated with School Software Pro to conduct online classes using the familiar School Software Pro interface as the starting point to connect and launch online classrooms.
  • School Software Pro is now integrated to Google Meet, Zoom, etc. to conduct online classrooms.
  • As a School Management System (ERP software) School Software Pro helps the online classrooms by recording the attendance and channelizing the communications about the upcoming classes

Online Gradebooks

  • Similar to fee payments, nowadays there is no need to visit the school campus to access the printed copy of the grade book of students.
  • The grade books are generated instantly and can be accessed from the student dashboard directly by the parent.
  • This can be accessed either from a laptop or from the mobile app.
  • Any comments, feedback, or questions to the teacher can be raised instantly from the ERP through the messaging module.

Mobile App

  • The School Software Pro mobile has helped thousands of parents to access the most important functionality of ERP Software directly from their mobile phone.
  • It includes various features like leave management, student attendance management, timetable viewing, instant alerts, announcements, fee payments, assignment management, notification and messaging, etc. helping the collaboration of all users even without the physical campus.

Online Timetable

  • The timetables in School Software Pro are generated in advance during the start of the academic year.
  • Any changes made to timetable due to the emergency scenarios are also instantly reflected in the accounts of all users including parents and students.
  • All different timetables like institutional timetable, teachers timetable, class-wise timetable are connected in a single background process to avoid errors and wastage of time.

Online Reports

  • The various reports available in School Software Pro is a boon to the management and leadership of school and college to help in managerial decision-making process.
  • During the times of lockdown, the management can access different reports like attendance reports, grade book reports, fee collection reports, enquiry reports, etc. to analyze the overall trends in the institution during the crisis times.


As you have seen, School Software Pro ERP software contains all the required features to enable automation of school operations even without the physical infrastructure available at school or college campus. The School Software Pro ERP System helps you manage the institution from home like a pro with minimum training. To know more and implement School Software Pro ERP on your school/campus.

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